Traditional medicine tells us that we must take a pill to create health in our bodies. This means that since birth most people have been taught that health and healing come from the outside in, medicine, lotions, etc. This is an outside – in approach. So the question to ponder is “how does your body heal from a cut?”This process takes place inside your body for an external result.

Your brain and spinal cord make what is known as your nervous system.And this system controls every function of the human body. When your nerve system is healthy your body can be healthy and proper health and healing can take place. When there is interference to the nervous system cells, tissues and organs become unstable and unhealthy. This can result in symptoms, illness or dis-ease. Traditional allopathic approaches to this phenomenon are to treat a person with medication or surgery. This is the outside – in, approach.

Chiropractic adjustments help keeps your nervous system functioning properly by removing nerve interference to allow body to function properly. This means that healing comes from your brain – Above, down your spinal cord, inside your body and expresses health – out.

This is why so many people have experienced such positive results through chiropractic care. Share the chiropractic story today!